When you think about casinos, the first thing that comes to mind is the clicking of a great big Roulette wheel. All the reputable online casinos in Australia that we recommend offer players the chance to play for real money or with free games.

But before you jump in and start spinning, take a look at these 10 common myths about Roulette — some will shock you as being true while others are just pulling ya leg.

Keep reading as we share each of these myths, and then do yourself a favour and fill up on some real knowledge with our winning online roulette strategies.

Roulette Casino Myths

MYTH: There Is Only One Type Of Roulette To Play

This myth is incorrect,as there are actually three variants of traditional Roulette, each with their own quirks.

European and French Roulette are similar, with slight differences, but both games still feature 37 spots and one zero. American Roulette is very different, with 38 slots and two zeros, which was done purely to offset the house edge further.

MYTH: The Roulette House Edge Is Always The Same

American Roulette has a house edge at 5.26% which is higher than the 2.7% associated with the European and French Roulette variants.

MYTH: French And European Roulette Are Different Names For The Same Game

The casino games may look similar but they are not the same game.

The difference in these two variants of Roulette are the outside betting. French Roulette is known as La Partage, which relates to the rule of outside bets for the ball landing on zero.

If you make this outside bet and the ball lands on the zero, you are eligible to win back half your bet.

MYTH: Numbers That Haven’t Come Up Are More Likely To Come Up Than Regulars

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous myths making the rounds. Roulette is all about the random nature of the game, which is why players love to participate. 

Roulette is exciting and the unknown of what is to come next is what makes it worthwhile.

MYTH: Players Can Use Mathematical Equations To Bet

If you believe this then you have to have a few screws loose. It is impossible to use an equation or algorithm to determine where the ball would land on a Roulette wheel.

Unfortunately, there are scams and dodgy people selling systems and software that ‘help’ players understand what to bet on but these are not real.

Every spin of the Roulette wheel is unique, just like the random number generators that the online casino games are developed with are unique.

You would be better off just learning what to do after you get lucky with that first big win instead.

MYTH: Casinos Rig Their Roulette Wheels

Believe it or not, back In the golden olden days, casino’s did rig their Roulette wheels.

It is worth noting that the casinos that rigged their games were controlled by mobsters.

In modern-era casinos, there is absolutely no chance that a Roulette wheel would be rigged in favour of the house. It would jeopardise their licence, which would mean no more ‘printing of money’.

MYTH: Roulette Wheel Numbers Add Up To The Devil’s Number On Purpose

Yes, when you add up each of the numbers in both the French or European variants of Roulette, you will get the number 666 – which is considered the number which represents Satan.

While some players believe the game’s creator, mathematician Blaise Pascal, purposely created the wheel this way, there is no hard evidence to suggest that this was true.

If it were true, however, it does make a hell of a story to tell and makes Roulette the craziest casino game worth playing.

MYTH: You Can Beat The House Edge

It is just not true and under no circumstances would a player be able to beat the house edge.

The common misinformation behind this myth is that a player could trick the house and place an even-stevens 50/50 bet and get the advantage in return. However, this is not the case.

Players could lower the house edge by choosing to play French or European variants of Roulette, but the only way to win big is to bet big and get lucky.

MYTH: Using Strategy Will Help You Beat Roulette

There is no strategy that players can use to beat Roulette. Instead, we recommend that players focus on managing their bankroll and finding the best casino bonuses to increase the longevity of their gambling session.

MYTH: The Dealer Has Control Over Where The Ball Lands

In Roulette, the dealer has no control and their job is to open each game, take bets from players, release the ball into an already spinning wheel, and finally announce the winning number and bets. Casinos also have strict rules to ensure every spin is random for fair play.

Kevin Wellington is a freelance writer whose favorite topics are casinos (online and land-based), travel, and food. When he’s not contributing to Planet 7 Oz, he’s out trying to convert Millennials from phone zombies to surfers, mainly by chucking them into the sea, smartphones and all.
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