Are you ready to begin playing casino games but not sure where to start? Maybe you are new to online casino gaming and are simply not sure which casino game has the best odds of winning? Well, you are heading in the right direction so far! As you read on with this guide, you will learn everything you need to know when it comes to which casino game has the best odds of winning, the maximum payouts for these top casino games and some quick tips to boosting your winnings.

Regardless of whether you are a veteran casino games player with a huge bankroll or a newcomer looking to dips your toes in. Playing the wrong casino games can really affect your bankroll. For this reason, it is important to find out which casino game has the best odds of winning. We will give you an insight into the house edge for online casinos and the odds of winning when playing these casino games:

  • Video poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Pokies
  • Keno
  • Big six wheel

What is the house edge?

The house edge is a component of online casino games that decide whether the casino makes money, and how much money for that matter. This house edge is a mathematical term, which is a nicer term for the advantage that the online casino has over their players.

All casino games have a different house edge, which is given to players as a percentage.

Now, before you get ahead of yourself – players are not able to avoid the house edge completely. Although, it is possible to reduce the house edge for certain games when implementing perfect strategy.

We will break it down for these certain games and how to implement the perfect strategy further in this guide. First, we need to get an understanding on what the house edge means to players other than knowing it means “the casino’s advantage”.

Thinking mathematically, the house edge is the average profit that an online casino would earn from each of a players’ bets. Now, this doesn’t mean that on every bet a player makes playing craps that the casino will earn 1.06% of every dollar that the player spends every time.

This house edge is better understood when you consider it as the total percentage of the return a player will get on their bets.

For example, using the online casino game craps and its house edge of approximately 1.06% we can get an approximate estimate of how much return a player will get on their bets. Therefore, a player betting on 100 games of craps over three hours, will likely see a 98.94% return on their total bets placed while playing craps.

As we mentioned, not all online casino games have the same house edge. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as checking the house edge for casino games to understand what game has the best odds at the casino.

Some games may have a lower house edge but are highly impacted by poor decisions of players. Blackjack is a perfect example of this as the game has a similar house edge to video poker. Playing blackjack with an optimal strategy reduces the house edge, but playing poorly can severely increase the house edge.

What casino games have the best odds of winning

If there is one thing that you remember from this guide – make sure that it is this. Casino table games have the best odds for players to win.

You might love the pokies, we get it, everyone loves the pokies and Aussies especially love the pokies. Being such an easy game to play, the pokies are fun to kick back and relax with a hot press. Unfortunately, they are one of the casinos games which have the lowest odds of winning. This is because pokies are volatile games; there are huge differences between the smallest win and the jackpot wins.

But still, players love the pokies – the luck behind smashing out a huge jackpot win that can make all the difference, while enjoying themselves playing these fun and colourful slots.

You aren’t here to hear about the lucky draw of the pokies though. We have provided a breakdown of seven online casino games, with four of these games with the best odds and two that are very popular, but are on the lower end when it comes to player odds of winning.

Video poker 0.5% to 3%

Let us preface this by making clear that video poker is a fusion of poker and the pokies. An electronic game of poker that removes the social aspect and plays much like the pokies. Ultimately, this means that the house edge and statistical odds of winning vary on every game so be sure to check the pay tables and the terms and conditions.

The beauty of video poker is that the game is simple enough to learn, with optimal strategy that can tip the game into the players favour.

The house edge for video poker games (on average) is up to3%, and if played properly with an optimal strategy – under 1%.

The reason for this variance is because of the differing pay tables for online casino video poker games. Players can use these pay tables to calculate their true return, based on these payouts for each winning hand.

This process is hard to do singularly, but there are some online calculators for video poker that players can use to calculate these return percentages from the video poker games pay table.

When playing video poker, be sure to look for games that offer the highest returns to maximise your return. Further to this, do not forget to practice constantly to learn the optimal strategy off by heart.

Quick simple tips to increasing your video poker winnings

Follow these quick and easy tips when playing video poker to vastly improve your chances of landing a great paying hand:

  • Always hold onto a royal flush, straight flush, four-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind, two pair, or a full house
  • When you have two pairs, or a three-of-a-kind ensure that you discard the remaining two cards in a three-of a-kind, for a chance at a four-of-a-kind or a full house. Discard the fifth card in a two pair hand for a chance at a full house
  • If you are holding an ace, king, queen, jack, and a five (or any similar card) which are all the same suit – discard the five (or similar card) to improve your chance at a huge win with a ten of same suit
  • The above draw also gives you a chance of getting a flush if you draw any other card of the same suit, a pair of jacks or better with an ace, king, queen, or jack. A straight if you draw a 10 of a suit that does not match the suit of the other 4 cards
  • It is better to keep a low pair instead of a single higher card like an ace, king, queen, or jack
  • Always bet the maximum on each hand to maximise payouts on winning hands

Best video poker games to play

There are many video poker games to choose from, we recommend playing these easy-to-learn variants:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Aces and Faces
  • Deuces Wild
  • Joker Poker

Blackjack 0.5% to 2%

For the average joe, playing online blackjack games offers players a house edge of about 2%. For players that are skilled, or for players who can manage playing an optimal strategy – the house edge is significantly reduced – to as low as 0.5%.

Now, playing this optimal strategy depends on which variant of blackjack that players are playing. Knowledge of the different variants of blackjack should also impact which games you choose to play, as they all have a varying degree of house edge.

In European blackjack, the shoe uses 2 standard decks, whereas American blackjack uses 6 to 8 decks. More decks generally mean a higher house edge as there are more cards, which means the difficulty for players to maintain their strategy becomes harder.

Many players make the mistake of not knowing the ways to win when it comes to how to win blackjack. The object of the game is not to get a hand value of 21, but to get a hand that beats the dealer.

Some versions of blackjack allow the dealer to hit (get another card) on a ‘soft 17’, which is an ace and any other combination of cards that value six points.

Baccarat 0.8% to 1.3%

Baccarat is a great entry level table game with the best odds for new players, as the game has one of the lower skill caps of casino games.

Playing baccarat is as easy as learning (and remembering) which cards relate to which score. Playing online baccarat is even easier to remember the scores if you can prepare yourself a cheat sheet to keep on hand.

We recommend that new players spend some time playing baccarat instead of blackjack, as the game is much easier to learn that blackjack, with the odds also being close to 50-50 for a player to win.

In baccarat, there are three bets a player can make. These are: the player winning, the banker winning, or a tie. The house edge in baccarat is in the hands of the dealer and is varied depending on the bet a player makes. For the banker bet, the house edge is 1.06% and includes a 5% commission paid to the casino if a player wins the bet. The player bet is 1.25% without any commission paid.

The odds for a tie bet are 8:1, however, this bet is never recommended because the house edge for tie bets is a massive 14.36%. So, this really means there are just two bets to make, and it is largely the extent of a coin flip to determine who will win.

Craps >1.06%

Craps is a complex casino game mostly because the set up of the table is so complex in itself, and there are many ways to bet on the game of craps.

The house edge in craps is also manipulated easily because there are plenty of outcomes on each game. There is an easy trick to minimizing the house edge to a low rate of 1.06%.

To reduce the house edge, we suggest players stick to betting on the “do not come / do not pass” bet. To find out more about the betting strategies to increase your winning chances playing craps – check out our craps casino game guide.

American roulette 5.26% and European roulette 2.7%

Playing roulette is the easiest casino game available. There are so many ways to bet that players can make easy bets for standard returns or make harder bets for larger returns.

Players can make more difficult bets on single numbers, and split bets that select two joined numbers. Easier bets like betting black/red or columns on the table that represent a collection of numbers.

Roulette is great because there is also a strategy to playing that can allow you to hedge your bet which will produce solid wins over time. You can check out our roulette strategy guide.

When it comes to determining the house edge, in roulette this is linked to the zero pocket. In American roulette there are two of these pockets, one for zero and one for double-zero. This layout is different to the European roulette which is the common version available in Australian casinos, and has just the one single zero pocket.

This means the American roulette has a higher house edge than the European counterpart.

For this reason alone, we recommend players stick to playing European roulette as the rules of the game do not differ, but the house edge does.

Pokies 4% to 15%

The pokies are a difficult casino game as there is no real optimal strategy to boost your chances of winnings other than placing max bets.

Pokies use random number generators to determine the winnings, which are volatile and when you do win it could be small or really big, or from several amounts in between.

All pokies are different, and the payouts depend on the software provider and the game. This information is all provided on the pokies payout tables – with standard expected payout percentages being as low as 85% for the lower denomination games (the cent slots), to as high as 98% for the higher denomination games (the dollar slots).

The longer you play the pokies, the closer your total position or winnings will begin to match the house edge.

When choosing pokies to play, the progressive jackpots are now to provide wins less frequently. But, as they have massive jackpots players still try their luck, regardless of whether statistically speaking they are unlikely to win on progressive pokies.

The standard pokies which do not offer progressive jackpots are known to dish out wins more frequently, however, these have lower jackpots too.

Keno/Big Six Wheel 11% to 24%

Playing keno and big six wheel may be good for a casual bit of fun to supplement a lunch with friends, but unfortunately playing these games at online casinos is a bad idea.

The odds of winning are low thanks to the large house edge and the inconsistency in winning, as these games are like playing the lotto.

This doesn’t mean you can’t win big, it is just highly unlikely, as you would need some solid luck to pull it off and pick the number that gets selected.

What are the maximum payouts for each of these games?

We have given you a break down for each of the casino games with the best odds and the worst odds. To help you decide which casino game has the best odds worth playing – we are sharing with you the maximum payout odds that are commonly found for these online casino games, as follows:

  • Blackjack – 1.5 to 1
  • Craps – 2 to 1
  • Baccarat – 1 to 1
  • Video poker – 800 to 1
  • Roulette – 35 to 1
  • Pokies – 5,000 to 1
  • Keno – thousands to 1
  • Pokies (progressive jackpots) – millions to 1

Now that you understand which games offer the lowest house edge and the best chances of winning, along with the maximum payout odds you can expect – it is time to put your knowledge to the test. Sign up for a player account with Planet 7 Oz and get instant access to a large variety of casino games and great-value bonuses. Sign up today and start playing with a reputable online casino for real money and try your luck for a big cash out.

Kevin Wellington is a freelance writer whose favorite topics are casinos (online and land-based), travel, and food. When he’s not contributing to Planet 7 Oz, he’s out trying to convert Millennials from phone zombies to surfers, mainly by chucking them into the sea, smartphones and all.
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