Jackpots are the bread and butter of playing the pokies — but did you know that it is possible to win something that  is considered the holy grail of big pokies wins? 

These fair dinkum gems are called progressive jackpots and are found linked to the pokies — and despite how great they are, not many people know they exist or how they work at online casinos.

Keep scrolling as we share the ins-and-outs of these fortune-granting machines, plus set yourself up for the best chance to win by reading our recent article covering the 5 top tips to win on pokies –then figure out what to do after you win the big one!

What Is A Progressive Jackpot?

In short, these are the biggest payouts you will ever find when playing online slots.

These bounties are different from the typical jackpots you find on the pokies, which are a fixed amount win, so you mini, minor, or major jackpots that are offered in-game.

With progressive jackpots, the winning amount is not fixed, and it continues to increase as more and more players spin the reels.

On every spin, a tiny percentage is fed through to the pool–but it also doesn’t stop there because there are actually three variants of progressive pokies, including:


The OG progressive jackpot, standalone pokies meant that a single game had a jackpot timer on it and only bets made on that machine would filter through to potentially releasing the large win.

These machines and games were very common and can still be found throughout brick and mortar casinos, usually featuring a win amount under $10k.


Local progressives are fairly common and consist of a set of games that are linked from within a casino. In any local network, a progressive slot could include 10 games, or it could have 100 games.

Most local progressives will feature a fortune under $1 million, with the majority being under $100k.


When it comes to fortune-changing prize pools, networked progressives are the bees-knees. These progressive pokies link a significant number of machines or games across multiple casinos or websites.

What this means is that the jackpot amount is fed by hundreds of players at once, meaning the winning amount for a lucky player is generally over $1 million and sometimes can be over $10 million!

How Do They Work?

Progressive jackpot games are about growing the prize pool, hence the name “progressive.”

They work based on a simple system, as the prize just continues to grow as players spin the reels, leading to the pool growing quickly.

Unfortunately, with every man and their dog after a mega fortune, trying to win the competition is a fierce battle, but so worth it.

How To Hit A Progressive Jackpot?

There is no telltale strategy for increasing your odds of winning the jackpot. While this can be likened to winning the lottery, playing progressive online pokies does give you more opportunities to win each hour than you would get if you were trying for the lotto.

Playing frequently will give you more chances to land that lucky win, but just remember that as the jackpot grows, the chance of winning does not increase.

Your once-in-a-lifetime chance is still just a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Popular Online Pokies With Progressive Jackpots

If we have wet your whistle with our talk about progressive jackpots, we don’t blame ya because the hunt is part of the fun, and some games are just more enjoyable than others.

As online casino developers continue to create exciting new games, the list of progressive jackpot slots gets larger and larger.

Check out these popular games we recommend to get the best enjoyment with a chance at winning the big one.

Top Five Progressive Pokies – Biggest Wins

  1. Mega Moolah by Microgaming – biggest win to date is $24.4 million
  2. Arabian Nights by NetEnt – biggest win to date is $7.6 million
  3. Jackpot Giant by Playtech – biggest win to date is $8.4 million
  4. Major Millions by Microgaming – biggest win to date is $3 million
  5. Cash Splash by Microgaming – biggest win to date is $253.3k
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