Poker tournaments are not the same as they were 10 years ago; in fact, the modern tourney does involve more strategic fundamentals, which is why we are sharing our go-to online Poker tournaments strategy and winning tips to help players reach the final table.

Many new Poker players today make the same basic mistakes, largely because of a lack of skill and knowledge –while other players flop due to a lack of focus.

While the surge in popularity of online casinos in Australia has meant that Aussies can practice their online gambling and Poker skills more often thanks to free games, there are still strategic adjustments that can be made to maximise hand potentials.

Check out these six tips and Poker strategy tips.

Play The Right Starting Hands

Many tournament players open up with the wrong hand, especially in the early rounds when a strong hand is still able to be drawn.

This is a problem when called because players that open wide with the wrong hand find themselves at a range disadvantage, thus being open to 3 bets because they rarely have a strong enough holding.

Learn which hands to open raise in multi-table tournaments. Speculative hands like suited connectors, small pairs, and gappers work their best with a deep stack behind.

Be Aware Of Stack Size

During all stages of a tournament, effective stack size has a crucial role in determining whether a player will see success.

With a deep stack, expanding on the opening range and including a number of speculative suit hands and low pairs will just about always be punished if there are plenty of short stacks that are yet to act behind.

Short stacks ideally are in push or fold mode because they are not blessed with having ample time to wait and therefore have to move.

With a number of all-ins, wide openers will usually be forced to relinquish their hands, even without getting a chance to try a nice flop.

For wide opener players, we recommend not committing large portions of their stack with marginal holdings. A player must stay aware of the utility that their stack brings, as well as considering how the opponent will use their stack.

Don’t Overplay Early

When a stack gets deep, a competent player will be less interested in putting their entire stack at risk – because there is more to lose.

What smart players do is recognise the opportunity that other players are going to risk their stack with a predominantly weaker hand.

Consider not opting for the added raise and sit, calling it with very strong hands in early stages has its benefits too as it disguises hand-strength.

Don’t Always Bet Aggressively

C-betting is a strategy which offers great value but for the most part, is not implemented properly by players.

Being a preflop aggressor should never become a c-bet or double barrel. Players commonly make poor c-bets with weak holdings in multi-way pots.

Consider which player has the strongest range, as well as the biggest share of strong hands and the playstyle of the opponent – are they passive or aggressive?

Bet Appropriately

A great online Poker player is one that capitalises on a player who tends to either bet too big or too small in a multitude of situations. 

When you select a bet size, consider which player’s range does a favour for the board texture and who has the best nut saturation.

Consider Equity Realisation

Players approach big blind play differently in modern online Poker tournaments.

With the current trend, players seek to defend a big blind with just about any two cards, because of the great pot odds that are offered.

Although antes being mixed with small open raise sizing affords great pot odds in the big blind, it tends to create a flaw in how Poker players approach the play they make – called equity realisation.

This equity realisation impacts a player’s certain hand and wins their share of the pot, enough to make it profitable over a period of time.

However, it is worth noting that with a weak range and no initiative it can be very hard to consider equity realisation.

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Kevin Wellington is a freelance writer whose favorite topics are casinos (online and land-based), travel, and food. When he’s not contributing to Planet 7 Oz, he’s out trying to convert Millennials from phone zombies to surfers, mainly by chucking them into the sea, smartphones and all.
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