Gambling has always had a special place within Australian culture, which has resulted in the significant growth of the industry, as well as the introduction of online casino gambling.

While Aussies love to have a punt playing the pokies or betting on sports, the desire to win big has caused some people to attempt to fraud the system. Cheating is a bad idea altogether, but have you ever thought of what happens to cheaters at Australian casinos?

Full disclaimer, we don’t condone the cheating efforts of players, and after reading this article, you won’t be very inclined to attempt cheating casinos!

How Can Players Cheat Casinos?

So, how exactly do players manage to cheat casinos – “not very easily” is the answer..

While there are plenty of method punters, use to try and cheat when playing for real money online or through brick and mortar casinos, the overall effectiveness is not pretty.

This is because casinos have methods in place to counter these problems, as well as the severe penalties that apply to offenders under the Australian casino legislation, including fines up to $11,000 and up to two years in prison.

Casino Cheating Methods

  • past posting or late betting method: replacing lesser chips with larger-denomination chips after a bet is won
  • hand mucking: stashing more desirable cards and switching them for less desirable cards
  • card making: using methods to make marks on cards to identify them during play
  • collusion: working together with a casino staff member or another player in games like Poker to signal card values and cheat other players
  • technology: use of technology like computers or auxiliary devices to help forecast odds or strategies to gain an advantage
  • wheel gaffing: messing with the wheel in Roulette to spray or loosen a specific pocket, or the use of a magnet to manipulate the ball to a particular area of the wheel
  • light wand: using a light wand to essentially blind the optical sensor in pokies to confuse the payout amount
  • shaved or fake coins: using shaved down coins or counterfeit coins to play for free

Online Casino Cheating Methods

  • lock decoders: the use of a decoder or electromagnetic pulses to disable electronics and specific firewall capabilities
  • security: given the expertise of some internet sleuths, online hacking of pokies will always remain a possibility. This method will not be readily available to the majority of players though because software providers are well aware of the need for air-tight security of their code

How Do Casinos Stop Players From Cheating

Casinos are not in the business of giving out money, especially to players constantly.

There are two things that management pays close attention to, and these are the players who are winning significant money or appearing not to lose much, and players who are acting shady or questionable behaviours.

With management and security always watching, cheaters are generally identified by the ‘eye in the sky’ very quickly.

Casinos also use artificial intelligence and facial recognition software through their cameras as part of a more extensive network of blacklisted player spotting and notification.

This network is a way that casinos ‘talk’ to each other to raise the flag on players, which might have been banned from other casinos.

What Happens to Players That Are Caught Cheating?

For the most part, two things will happen to any player caught cheating.

The casino will blacklist the player, resulting in a life ban from all affiliated casinos –which would be the better outcome as the other involves facing a criminal charge for fraud and standing in Court facing up to two years in prison and a hefty fine.

1200 Aussie Players Banned at The Crown

Melbourne’s iconic Crown Casino has an illustrious history of dealing out bans to punters.

Between 1 July 2002 and 30 June 2004, over 1200 players were banned from the Crown, with 422 of those being ‘self-exclusion orders’ from players that identify as struggling with a gambling problem – a big problem in itself.

Fifty one of these players were issued exclusion orders (which are for exceptional cases of cheating). The orders issued by the casino and the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation, including incidences of past posting, marking cards, and fraud.

How to Win Without Cheating

It will never be a smart choice to cheat –and while players cannot ensure their outcomes, they can implement optimal gaming strategies to improve their chances of winning.

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