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Easter EggsWhile the kids were out hunting for Easter eggs, Matt in Oregon sat in his car and played Achilles. Heard the random jackpot was over AU$50,000 and thought he'd kill a few minutes chasing it while the girls were out. Playing AU$5 a spin, all lines of course. You can play Achilles all day at that level, since it's medium volatility and pays as you play. Hits a nice little feature, bumping him up AU$45.50. that's a few more spins... one minute later, hits the random jackpot. AU$50,321.40. True story.

Coyote CashTables turned as lots of people were chasing the Coyote's Cash six-figure jackpot recently. Player from Texas (no kidding) was banging on it, AU$2.50 a spin, AU$6.25 a spin, AU$12.50 a spin. Eating up his bankroll... calls it a day. Shuts the PC down. Opens a Shiner Bock. In the distance, the sun was setting, shadows getting long. A coyote howls. That's a sign! He's back on the PC and back on Coyote Cash, AU$6.50 a spin (all lines of course). Seventeen minutes in, hits it: AU$123,2141.24. True story.